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What is Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping


Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is a therapy that involves gently tapping on different points of your face and upper body. There is a huge body of evidence now to support the effectiveness of tapping. When you tap on acupuncture points, it sends activating and deactivating electrical signals to the brain, the amygdala, the stress part of the brain and the hippocampus, the memory centre in the brain.  These parts respond because they have been aroused as we tap and talk about your symptoms.

Healing Emotions EFT Tapping

We do now know due to the number of studies, that tapping can have much quicker results than many conventional therapies.

Another way to describe EFT is  “like acupuncture but without the needles”.


Whilst tapping on the correct pressure points, we bring the thoughts or emotions into our consciousness and by doing this, we can provide relief, and clear a whole host of emotional or physical issues that hold us back.

The good news is that even from your first session, EFT provides you with simple tools to take away and apply to your own personal issues. The results can be long lasting as you let go of unhelpful thoughts, emotions and feelings.


You will also find that your body also has less stress and tension and the therapeutic effects of this technique are recognised around the world.


Dr Peta Stapleton, Clinical & Health Psychologist, World Leading Researcher, Author & Educator explains how EFT works:

How does EFT Tapping Work?

EFT can help for a number of issues including:

- Anxiety and panic disorders

- Pain management

- Bereavement and loss

- Bullying 

- Depression

- Emotional abuse 

- Family and relationship issues 

- Low self-esteem /self-confidence 

- Stress

- Weight Loss

- Quit Smoking

- Limiting thoughts/beliefs

Healing Emotions EFT Tapping
Healing Emotions EFT Tapping

How I Work


I offer a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation - it’s important that you feel comfortable with me as well as have the opportunity to ask questions.

I can explain EFT in more detail and what to expect during a one hour session.  Sessions are via Zoom and are held in a private space.


1 hour session £60


3 sessions booked in advance £150

You will need to prepare prior to the start of each session:

  • Please create a safe, private, distraction free space.

  • Have a glass of water available.

  • All therapy sessions are paid in advance via bank transfer. Late cancellation fees; less than 24 hours notice – full session fee is payable.

    Make an Enquiry

    If you would like to make a booking or find out about the 20 minute discovery call, please contact Julie today.

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