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  • How many sessions will I need?
    A few people find that their issues can be cleared with as little as 1 to 2 sessions, but I would always recommend booking at least 3 sessions because there are different aspects and issues to consider and tap on, and several sessions may be needed. Sometimes clients come with what they think is a huge issue, to find that it clears with EFT surprisingly quickly. Other times, issues emerge after one layer of the problem has been “dealt with” leading to further work.
  • I'm worried about reliving painful memories.
    There is no need to retraumatise yourself. I use many techniques to gently work around painful memories. I can carefully take you through the process without the need for you to tell me anything at all, although if you can share some information, that will be helpful.
  • Is EFT therapy?
    EFT is an evidence-based somatic therapy. It is not the same as psychotherapy or counselling. It does not provide a diagnosis. It’s not a cure for psychiatric conditions. It’s a therapeutic intervention that can help you feel better and reduce or eliminate symptoms of common conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions, and many more.
  • If I clear the trauma, will I hold the memory?
    I am often asked how can I remember the memory without the trauma? With EFT your memories will not go away but you will think about them differently and you will lose the emotional overwhelm that you once had. On some occasions, it is reassuring to remember the event without the pain and sometimes people forget that there ever was a problem.
  • Does EFT work effectively online?
    EFT is just as effective online as it is in person.You will get the same benefits whether face to face in the same room or if we meet virtually.
  • How long are the sessions?
    The sessions are one hour long but the first one may take a little longer.
  • Are the tapping points difficult to learn?
    The tapping points are easy to learn.During our sessions, you will be tapping along with me as you tap on yourself.I will guide you through the points.
  • Why do we focus on the negative while tapping on the points?
    When we focus on the negative points while tapping, we are talking to the subconscious mind.By speaking the negative thoughts, we are not anchoring them, in our bodies/minds, but rather acknowledging them so they can be released.
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