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Family & Relationship Issues

This is where family and relationship issues refer to difficulties or conflicts that arise within familial and interpersonal connections.  This can include problems between partners, parents, siblings, or extended family members.


Issues can be far ranging including communication breakdowns, disagreements over values or priorities, financial stress, emotional conflict, or unresolved past traumas.  This can range from minor disagreements to more serious problems that impact the well-being and stability of the relationships involved.


So why use tapping…

EFT allows you to tap on the emotional aspect of the problem/s.  It’s like having a conversation with your body while tapping on the specific points.   By doing this, you can release built up tension, calm your emotions and gain clarity about the situation.


Tapping can lead to a better communication essentially because you can work through the emotional baggage that may be affecting your relationships, allowing for a greater harmony and connection.

A Hug

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