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What My Clients Say

Julie is extremely kind, perceptive and completely non- judgmental. She has helped me through a time of trauma and grief.  Julie has patiently worked through everything that has happened and helped me to understand my reaction and feelings to it. She has given me tools to help deal with the overwhelm between sessions and to enable me to find a new and positive way forward. I trust Julie with all my thoughts and anxieties, even those I have never shared with those closest to me.  I am now in a much happier and better place than when we first met.  Julie has a terrific sense of humour, is completely trustworthy and supportive. I am extremely grateful to her.



Bouquet of Flowers

My mum died and my dad was also grieving and his dementia advanced quite quickly.  I became really low at this point & Julie helped me with some tapping sessions.  I was a little bit sceptical first of all & embarrassed, but I was actually so amazed at the result


The first session was extremely hard. It was very emotional. I did cry and felt drained afterwards, but I also felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I literally couldn’t believe my reaction; it didn’t seem possible!


I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is dealing with any sort of grief, but especially the loss of a loved one, to contact Julie. 



I met Julie via a mutual friend and am so glad I did. I am an open minded person and have tried different forms of therapy and counselling over the last 17 years, so went into EFT fully open to it, but didn’t understand how EFT could work so quickly. I was blown away by just how effective, powerful and genuinely quickly EFT worked to help me with some really difficult and emotional stuff. I did my sessions over Zoom and it worked brilliantly.
Julie was so kind, calm, intuitive and friendly. I felt safe in her hands and comforted too. It was also fantastic that Julie provides a simple script following the sessions so that you can practice yourself in between sessions.Thank you so much Julie, you have made a genuine difference to my life. 
For many weeks, I was waking up with great anxiety due to issues within my family. This anxiety was significantly heightened if I had to have any meetings with my family – even conference calls.I decided to attend an EFT session with Julie. After the session, Julieencouraged me to tap on a very specific issue every day. To make it easier, Julie gave me a precise script to follow whilst tapping. I followed Julie’s instructions and now I do not wake up with anxiety and have had conference calls with my family with very little or no apprehension. This is a complete contrast to how I was feeling a few months ago.  Over the last few years, I have visited Julie on several occasions for a variety ofconcerns and she has always helped. I highly recommend Julie as an EFTtherapist.

This was the first I had heard of Tapping and must admit went into it not a total believer!  But how wrong was I! Without fail at the end of my sessions I always felt better than at the beginning.  Quite remarkable was the difference!


Julie was calm, empathetic, so very intuitive and made me feel relaxed.  She completely understood my issues and how to get me to move forward which she did in a most professional manner.


My Tapping sessions made me feel I could cope and would cope, and I cannot thank her enough for that.


I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tapping sessions with Julie.  She worked wonders with me!  I’m so very grateful!



I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for the changes that you have helped make in my life. Doing EFT with you has been an eye opener and an area I’ve never really been exposed to before. I was a sceptic, but I am now a full blown convert!


Over the last 11 months, you’ve been there and guided me through such a challenging time with the IVF treatment, and the physical and emotional burden that has been. You’ve also been able to weave in things that have happened to me in the past which explains so much about my present confidence levels at work and relationship with myself which I would never had made the connection without your help.


Thanks for teaching me to be more self-aware, to take the time to listen to my head, heart and body without ignoring them.


Thank you for being such a positive light in my life and I genuinely look forward to our sessions.

P.S. thanks also for taking the time to get to know me enough that you utilise your gentle way of pointing out when I’m not actually looking after myself enough and how ridiculous it sounds when I’m having to say it out loud.


Julie has helped me so much through Emotional Freedom Therapy. Her calming and reassuring manner puts me at ease and even though the sessions take place through Zoom calls, I feel just as much of a connection with her as if I were in the same room. She clearly explains the techniques, how they work and answers any questions I have.

My issue is mainly anxiety, and the sessions often reveal emotions I wasn’t aware were affecting me, but Julie helps me tap on them and by the end of the sessions I always feel a great sense of calm and have a more positive outlook. She also guides me with techniques I can use myself if I feel anxious or overwhelmed, which have also been immensely helpful.


Julie is a friendly, caring, and intuitive practitioner and I would definitely recommend EFT and Julie as a therapist.


After being recommended by a friend I contacted Julie with some apprehension, not sure if EFT could help me with anxiety issues and matters that I had been harbouring for some time. After our initial consultation I felt relaxed and equipped ready to proceed with the sessions. Each appointment brought me to a better place, a more relaxed calmer understanding with whatever the focus had been on. One session, an issue that I thought I would never be able to feel comfortable with helped me move forward.  It has enabled me to put it to bed at last, the relief felt at the end was so uplifting. 

One of the things I really like about EFT is that you can use the technique independently which I will continue doing so whenever needed. I cannot recommend EFT and Julie enough with helping me deal with concerns that I was unaware were holding me back. 

Julie’s guidance and approach though out, has been professional yet personal and non- judgmental. 


Thank you...



This is my first experience of this therapy and thanks to Julie, I found it be extremely helpful and therapeutic. It has certainly enabled me to move forward with a variety of issues that I have been struggling with for a long time. I especially liked the fact that the benefits from my sessions with Julie could be reinforced with Tapping sessions at home thanks to her guidance.  


I found Julie to be an extremely empathetic and thoughtful practitioner who quickly sought to create a good rapport with me. Her voice was a calming constant throughout the sessions, and I found it very comforting and reassuring. 


At the end of the session, without fail, I always felt better than at the beginning as I felt I had worked through issues effectively and tapped on them to a degree where I felt I had moved forward. Dealing with anxiety issues for example I always felt less anxious at the end of a session. Julie supported the Tapping with breathing techniques which worked in tandem to allay my anxiety.  


I would have no hesitation in commending and recommending Julie as a Tapping therapist. 


What a calming, most amazing experience. Julie has the type of voice that immediately calms and makes you feel relaxed. Her whole approach was kind and non judgmental. I was quite sceptical about the whole EFT thing. Especially after watching Boy George on I’m a Celebrity!

My first experience of Tapping therapy was such a positive one, leaving me feeling uplifted and with a firm sense of achievement that I hadn’t been anticipating.

Julie is such a calm and friendly person, that she soon put me at ease. Julie spoke in a gentle, yet confident voice that made me relaxed and reassured in her company.  Her gentle touch when tapping was consistent, which also put me at ease – I found myself really enjoying the whole experience.

At the end of the treatment, I felt as if a weight had been lifted and that I could move on.  Julie’s tapping made me feel strong, special and worthy and I thank her very much for that.

Julie’s professional approach towards her work, leaves me in no doubt that she would treat any clients in confidence.  I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.​


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