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Anxiety & Stress

We know that anxiety and stress can manifest in many ways and can have a huge effect on an individual’s wellbeing.


There are many physical symptoms including rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, sweating, trembling, racing thoughts, excessive worry, difficulty concentrating, and irrational feelings. 


Some people can experience a sense of impending doom or panic.  Anxiety can also impact behaviour and may involve avoiding certain situations and activities which can have a huge impact on day to day living and social engagement.


So why use Tapping…..

Tapping is effective in dealing with anxiety because it combines the physical touch with engaging both the body and mind in the process of addressing the anxiety.


It processes and addresses anxious thoughts and feelings.


It regulates the body’s stress response reducing the intensity of anxious symptoms.


It reframes negative beliefs associated with anxiety and stress triggers.


It relaxes the body and calms down the part of your brain that makes you feel anxious and stressed.


It can work quickly and is non-invasive.

anxiety & stress

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